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Jacob Troyli

University of South Florida

Window Shopping
oil on canvas


Tell us about the work that you have submitted.

This piece is from a series entitled Hangin’ with Pops, in which I used myself as an avatar to create a conversation about otherness and the non-white figure in the history of painting.

How do you describe your work and practice?

My work is about representation, race, otherness and my place in the history of painting. More specifically, my work confronts the commodification of struggle, outrage and bodies of color.

What motivated you to apply to the XL Catlin Art Prize?

I thought it was important for me to apply to the XL Catlin Art Prize since it is for artists working in the figurative tradition and my work deals with representation as technique and metaphor.

What inspires your work?

My work is inspired by the struggle of understanding my position as a bi-racial person of color. I am constantly questioning how systems of division function to construct and shape definitions of collective identity.