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Luisiana Mera

New York Academy of Art

Abuelo Pepe Asleep
oil on canvas


Tell us about the work that you have submitted.

My Abuelo Pepe liked to walk around shirtless, my father too. To me, this painting is documentation of my worries about a relationship fading with age and distance.

How do you describe your work and practice?

My work strives to honor the precariousness of each moment. The act of meticulously representing a moment increases its meaning and attempts to lend individual images the power and significance they ought to have.

What motivated you to apply to the XL Catlin Art Prize?

I wanted this piece to be seen by many people. I wanted others to connect and contemplate life.

What inspires your work?

My family and my constant quest to recover the meaning of images in the digital age, an era when nearly every moment in our lives is documented, and images seem to lose their meaningfulness.