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Larry Madrigal

Arizona State University

From Above and Below
oil on canvas


Tell us about the work that you have submitted.

From Above and Below is both a portrait and a metaphor. The figures, who act as pillars between sky and ground, stand between serenity and actual disarray with a commitment to redeem, restore and rebuild.

How do you describe your work and practice?

I use portraiture and figuration as a starting point to explore larger ideas such as human dignity, community, parenthood and culture, or anything that contemporary life throws at me with all of its crisis and wonder.

What motivated you to apply to the XL Catlin Art Prize?

I was encouraged to see an opportunity for a new generation of figurative artists to share their artistic journey through this exhibition. The traveling show and high-profile jury motivated me to apply.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a large painting about my life as a new parent. It depicts my wife, my baby daughter and me in an excessively cluttered studio/bedroom space.