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Krystle Lemonias

New Jersey City University

woodcut on paper


Tell us about the work that you have submitted.

This piece commemorates the black men who have shaped my identity. This portrait showcases the characteristics they embody that have contributed to my individual growth. It also explores black female identity development that embraces positive masculine influences.

How do you describe your work and practice?

They investigate the idealization of “woman” and perceived gender roles. I portray, symbolically and compositionally, the duality of strength and delicacy, simplicity and complexity, intellectual order and emotional impact. These associative attributes frame my practice.

What motivated you to apply to the XL Catlin Art Prize?

My university advisor suggested it and I confidently submitted. Relief printmaking is the medium I am eager to share as I begin my career in the visual arts. This exhibition will expose my societal perspectives on the “female mystique.”

What is your background?

It is essential to my creative growth. I am exposed to professional artists’ work and techniques I otherwise wouldn’t know and am provided with studio space to execute projects. I am grateful to the faculty that prepares me professionally.